Helping Mid-Shore Clients Through Mental Health Case Management

Wraparound Maryland’s mission is to provide care coordination services utilizing wraparound principles and philosophies to guide a process where all families and youth feel supported, encouraged and hopeful that their and goals will be realized.

Wrap Around Maryland Inc


  • Conduct an intensive family interview upon entry and provide a strengths based summary to every family

  • Build a team of people that will work with the youth and family in their community. Team is composed of school staff, mental health professionals, advocates, family members, and community members

  • Together with the family and its natural team members, the Wraparound Coordinator collaboratively facilitates the development of the Plan of Care (POC)

  • Regular team meetings

  • Weekly contact and support at a minimum

  • Provide information on local resources

  • Aide in referrals to outside agencies for support

  • Help families build relationships with supports and services

  • Coordinate with school personnel

  • Help families understand and access public mental health


Referrals can be made directly by the individual, behavioral health professionals, physicians, or community agencies.

Referrals can be made directly from our website by choosing the appropriate form under the Referrals tab at the top of the page.

Direct all referrals to the attention of:

Shauna Regan